Board of Directors

Chair: Betty Morris
Chair, Hospice Peterborough - Every Moment Matters Capital Campaign
Former Co-Chair, YWCA Safe Haven Capital Campaign

Vice Chair: Diane Richard
Director of Swish Group and of Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC)

Secretary/Treasurer: Atul Swarup
Chartered Accountant; former president of the Peterborough Rotary Club

Bob Campbell
Active community volunteer. Retired teacher & financial planner.

Chonee Dennis
CEO Dennis Group, professional fundraiser

Michael Harris
Retired General Manager, CHEX-TV, CKWS-TV and Channel 12 Durham, Corus Entertainment

Annie Johnston
Retired Principal, Lakefield District Secondary School

Kim McLeod
Chartered Accountant and Director of Millbrook Historical Society

Kathryn Moore
Dentist and active community volunteer

Sil Salvaterra
Lawyer, social justice advocate and community volunteer

Alan Thomas
Chartered Accountant; Experienced Chief Financial Officer and Director

Kathryn Verhulst - Rogers
Manager, Communications at Trent University

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Corporate Recording Secretary
Helene Lowry

Executive Director
John Good