Your Partner in Philanthropy

The Community Foundation is here to help you create a meaningful and lasting change in your community.  The Foundation is your resource to connect you to the knowledge, opportunities and partners you need to make a difference in the Peterborough area.

Meaningful Giving

We work closely with you to align your values, goals and vision with the community’s unique and local needs in order to make your gift as impactful as possible.  Drawing on our knowledge of current community trends and our network of charitable organizations, we can help identify opportunities and solutions that will make a difference in the causes that matter most to you.

Professional Management

You can depend on the professionalism and expertise of the Community Foundation to provide sound financial and administrative management of your gift.  We manage investments to carefully balance risk and return, while keeping management and administrative costs to a minimum.

Simplicity and Flexibility

With a variety of ways to give, you can establish a fund today, or plan to give in the future. You can choose to support your favourite charities, specific areas of interest, or create unique opportunities for community investment. Setting up a fund is simple, and the Community Foundation will help you with every step, personalizing your experience to offer you the levels of support, involvement and recognition you desire.

Lasting Impact

You can build a legacy through your giving. When your gift is held with the Foundation, the principal is never spent, so your fund will continue to have a positive impact in our community for generations to come.  This long-term approach means you can help address complex issues, making a meaningful difference now and in the future.