For Professional Advisors

The Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough offers advice and tools to help professional advisors enhance and personalize the service provided to clients.  Whatever a client’s charitable objectives may be, CFGP has an appropriate vehicle by which to attain them. By partnering with the Community Foundation, professional advisors - accountants, lawyers, life insurance agents, financial planners, and others - can help clients fulfill their financial, family and charitable goals and help them leave a meaningful legacy in our community.

Helping You Help Your Clients

Your client can establish a fund using a wide variety of assets, including cash and appreciated securities. These assets can be given now, or later, as part of an estate plan.

Creating a fund with the Community Foundation is considerably less expensive than creating a private foundation. Your clients can take advantage of our effective management at an efficient price.

Your Client doesn't have to be a Billionaire to be a Philanthropist
An endowed fund in your clients' name can be created and designed to support one or more charitable organizations in perpetuity.

Giving with Impact
We work with your clients and their families to establish and achieve their philanthropic goals with the biggest positive impact on them and their causes.

Connecting Across Generations
When you help your clients and their families establish a fund with us, we can connect across generations to involve the whole family in philanthropy - now and for the future.

Make a Difference in the lives of your Clients
By partnering with the Community Foundation, you will help your clients bring their families together around philanthropy, and help them leave a meaningful legacy in our community.

Learn more through our professional advisor e-resource.

The Community Foundation External Investment Advisor Program,
Assets gifted to a newly created fund may be invested outside of the Foundation’s consolidated investment fund in a portfolio managed by the donor’s recommended investment advisor. When coupled with a donor advised fund, this program provides donors with an attractive alternative to a private foundation.