Setting up a Fund

Every dollar contributed to the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough (CFGP) is used to enhance our community for our residents, both now and in the future. We help you create a lasting legacy. By supporting CFGP, you can contribute to building a vibrant community. There are a variety of fund structures available for your consideration.

Agency Fund: Agency Funds are established to support specific organizations, allowing them to benefit from the long-term stability of a fund and CFGP’s investment expertise.

Community Fund: Funds held in perpetuity by CFGP through which the annual earnings are available for any of the charitable purposes encompassed by CFGP’s mission. Community Funds are endowed funds made up of gifts of all sizes, and allow CFGP to respond with the greatest flexibility to our community's needs and changing priorities.

Donor-Advised Fund: Donor Advised Funds give you the chance to participate in the grant making process. Working closely with CFGP staff and Board of Directors, you may identify and recommend specific charitable organizations you want to see benefit from your fund.

Donor Designated Fund: Donor Designated Funds allow you to name one or more charitable organizations to benefit from the fund as listed in the agreement. These funds allow you to choose your favourite registered charities and provide a lasting gift.

Field of Interest Fund: Funds held by CFGP which allow you to express a preference for a specific charitable purpose without designating the recipient organization(s) or program(s) through which such charitable purposes shall be served. The Board of Directors determines which organizations and programs receive grants from field of interest funds and the amount and timing of such grants.

Memorial Fund: Memorial Funds are a way to honour and celebrate the memory of your loved one, by carrying on their spirit through charitable giving. The legacy you create will also provide friends and family with an opportunity for tribute, while helping our community for generations to come. Donations to a Memorial Fund at CFGP are typically invested as a permanent endowment. It’s the income generated from the investment that is granted annually in perpetuity to community projects in your loved one’s name.

Scholarship, Bursary or Award Fund: Funds held by CFGP that are dedicated to providing grants to individuals for educational purposes. They may be restricted in one of several ways, such as for use at a designated educational institution or for a particular course of study. Such grants are directed to, and administered by, the institution for the benefit of the individual recipient(s).