Setting up a Fund

By establishing a fund with the Community Foundation, you will have the flexibility to shape your own charitable giving to reflect your values and interests.  Professional management by the Community Foundation ensures that the process is simple and straightforward. Whether you want to address an urgent need in the community, honour the memory of a loved one or support your favourite charity, a fund with the Community Foundation ensures that your gift will make a lasting difference in Peterborough. Contact the Community Foundation to discuss options for planning a gift.

Agency Funds provide a sustainable source of revenue to charities by building up resources that can be granted to the organization every

Community Funds harness the generosity of many donors to collectively support emerging needs and innovation in the community. The impact of your gift, no matter the size, is amplified by this pooled approached. Community Funds are designed to address a broad range of urgent and emerging needs and opportunities in our communities.

Donor-Advised Funds provide donors with a hands-on approach to giving. You have the flexibility to recommend grants to the charitable projects or organizations you want to support. Successors can also be named to the fund, so this is an ideal way to involve your family and encourage a new generation of philanthropists.

Donor Designated Funds offer donors the opportunity to focus their giving on the causes or charities that matter the most. You choose a charity or cause that is close to your heart, and the Foundation will direct grants to the organization or cause you’ve chosen.

Field of Interest Funds enable you to join others in supporting charitable priorities with a specific focus. You dedicate your funds to a general area (like Arts & Culture, or the Environment) and the Foundation directs grants to specific charities or projects best positioned to meet current and changing needs in your chosen field.

Managed Funds enable charities to invest long-term assets while keeping management and administrative costs to a minimum, entrusting their assets to the sound professional management of the Foundation.

Memorial Funds are a way to honour and celebrate the memory of your loved one, by carrying on their spirit through charitable giving. The legacy you create will also provide friends and family with an opportunity for tribute, while helping our community for generations to come. Donations to a Memorial Fund at the Community Foundation are typically invested as a permanent endowment. It’s the income generated from the investment that is granted annually in perpetuity to community projects in your loved one’s name.

Scholarship Funds provide grants to charities that distribute specific scholarships,bursaries or awards to individuals or

The Social Finance Fund enables the Foundation to invest in projects that support community vitality while offering a social and financial return. The fund’s first investment was in the bond issue supporting the Mount Community Centre.