About Granting

The Community Foundation provides grants to registered charities. These grants are made possible by the generous donors who have established or contributed to Funds at the Foundation for the purposes of supporting charitable programs and services in the Greater Peterborough area.

Our Granting Priorities

Donor-Advised Funds generate most of the grants distributed by the Foundation each year in support of charities donors care about.

Agency Funds provide a sustainable source of revenue to charities by building up resources that can be granted to the organization every year.

When the Community Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary at the annual Giving Gala in January 2019, ten local charities were asked: If you had one wish and $1,000 to make it happen, what would you do? Then Giving Gala guests were invited to make a donation to support one of those wishes. In a wonderful example of the power of giving together, the Foundation raised $10,000 to grant each of those charity’s wishes with Here for Good grants in March. The process was repeated in early 2020 and raised close to $5,800 for seven local charities.

The Foundation also accepts applications to the Vital Community Grants program each year. Vital Community Grants support the people, ideas and activities that build community vitality in the Peterborough area, ensuring charities have the skills, tools, and resources to respond to our community’s top priorities.

In 2019, Vital Community grants supported initiatives working to strengthen community connections in the Peterborough area. In 2020 and 2021 Vital Community Grants provided financial assistance for the recovery needs of charities as they adapted to, and recovered from, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the need continues to be great, the 2022 edition of this grant wl continue to focus on COVID recovery.

Jennifer DeBues |

Executive Director

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