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Making a Difference Today and Tomorrow

For Betty and Bill Morris, their charitable giving offers a double happiness. “We get the enjoyment of seeing how the money can make a difference today but also over the long term,” says Bill. The Morris’ have lived in the Peterborough area since 1998 and quickly...

Youth in Harmony

The Youth in Harmony Fund was established by Alan Wotherspoon in response to his love of music and his commitment to the learning and empowerment of youth. As a high school teacher and principal, Alan gained a deeper understanding of the power of music in the...

Returning Baby Turtles to the Wild

In July 2017, more than 200 community members gathered at a local wetland to release 26 baby snapping turtles, which had been rescued, incubated, hatched and raised at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. Twenty-five volunteers were on hand to make sure the event...

Trans Care Clinic: Accessing High Quality Health Care in our Community

A $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation enabled the Peterborough Family Health Team to work with community partners to develop a plan to address a recognized gap in primary health care for transgender individuals in the City and County of Peterborough. Partners...

Adventure in Understanding

Dalfaa Abosabaa was one of 20 teens who paddled three voyageur canoes from Peterborough to Curve Lake First Nation on the 100 kilometer ‘Adventure in Understanding’ trip in the summer of 2016. The program, developed by the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha in...

Making a Habit of Giving

Peterborough’s uniquely local blend of city and country living drew Ray Dart and his partner Krista English back to the area in the 1990s, where they connected to a strong community of friends and neighbours and stayed to work and raise their family. Community has...

New Traditions of Giving

When Charlie Bierk and Martha Ramsay got married in August 2017, it just made sense to them to have the wedding at Martha’s family farm in Young’s Point, the same place where her parents were married over 30 years before. Over seventy friends and family members camped...

The Power of Giving Quietly

John Martin was a well-known community member with a strong philanthropic legacy, who knew that financially disadvantaged kids can face many barriers to participating in team sports and extracurricular activities.  In 2015, John’s family and friends established the...

Pollinator Garden Builds Community and Environmental Sustainability

A few hundred feet from Peterborough’s Tallwood Towers, there’s a bilingual sign in English and Arabic. The sign invites community members to enjoy and maintain a beautiful pollinator garden. Planted by twenty-five volunteers in 2017, the garden brought Syrian...

Mount Food Centre Nourishes Body and Soul

Picture a state-of-the-art kitchen that serves as ‘the heart of the home.’ This is the concept that guided development of the Mount Food Centre, including The Fulcrum Café, bakery and professional kitchen. Funded in part by a $300,000 donation from the Community...

Established Funds

The Community Foundation is here to help you create a meaningful and lasting change in your community. The Foundation has a variety of fund structures to offer you the levels of support, involvement and recognition you desire.

With a variety of ways to give, you can establish a fund today, plan to give in the future, or contribute to an existing fund. You can choose to support your favourite charities, specific areas of interest, or create unique opportunities for community investment.

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Grants Awarded

Donor-Advised Funds generate most of the grants distributed by the Foundation each year in support of charities donors care about.

Agency Funds provide a sustainable source of revenue to charities by building up resources that can be granted to the organization every year.

The Foundation accepts applications to the Vital Community Grants program each year. Vital Community Grants support the people, ideas and activities that build community vitality in the Peterborough area, ensuring charities have the skills, tools, and resources to respond to our community’s top priorities. In 2019-2020, Vital Community grants will support initiatives that are working to strengthen community connections in the Peterborough area.

When we celebrated the Community Foundation’s 10th anniversary at the annual Giving Gala in January 2019 we wanted to do something special. We asked ten local charities: If you had one wish and $1000 to make it happen, what would you do? Then we asked guests at the Giving Gala to make a donation to support one of those wishes. In a wonderful example of the power of giving together, we were able to raise $10,000 to grant each of those charity’s wishes, and we surprised them with these Here for Good grants in March.

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Meet Local Donors

While there are many reasons that people in our community choose the Foundation as their partner in philanthropy, all of our donors have something in common: they care about our community. Our donors tell us:

“If you’re going to live in a community, you want it to be a good community.”

“This is the place where I live, this is home, and I want to do everything I can to make this place a great place.”

“Giving back to the community is about balancing the equation.”

“We just did what we could to make our community even better.”

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Join the Vital Community Movement

The Vital Community Fund is our community’s resource to support the people, ideas and activities that build community vitality in the Peterborough area. Grants from this fund will support charities in the City and County of Peterborough that are working on our community’s top priorities.

By giving together, we can meet today’s challenges and build for tomorrow. Whether you give $10.00 or 10% of your salary, every gift is combined and invested in the fund, building a permanent endowment that we can use to take action and make change, together.

John Good |

Director, Fund Development

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