Camp Kawartha Kids Endowment Fund

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Camp Kawartha Kids Endowment Fund

Carol and Ralph Ingleton have spent most of their lives at Stoney Lake, where they feel a strong connection not only to the community but also to the natural surroundings. Based on their fond memories of summer camps, their love for the environment, and their passion for sustainability and community based living, the decision to create a fund that supports Camp Kawartha was an easy one.

The mission of Camp Kawartha is to get children outside and engaging with the natural world – their ‘neighbourwood’, as Executive Director, Jacob Rodenburg, refers to it. “The best means of fostering environmental awareness in our children is to immerse them in natural settings, to provide them with opportunities to explore, to play and to learn about the very life systems which sustain us all,” Jacob adds. Camp Kawartha believes that fellowship and community are for everyone.

The Camp Kawartha Kids Endowment Fund helps to bring children, who would otherwise be unable to participate, to the camp where they can connect with nature, develop leadership skills and a sense of community and belonging.