Cavan Monaghan and Millbrook Legacy Fund

Cavan Monaghan and Millbrook Legacy Fund

Our vision for Cavan Monaghan Township is to include and offer opportunities to everyone. It has the knowledge and ability needed to help shape its own future. We are ready to address pressing problems like poverty, unemployment and civic participation. In our vision, all of our citizens are able to benefit from the best our community can offer: the arts, recreation, health care, education, safe and inclusive neighbourhoods and a healthy environment.

The Cavan Monaghan and Millbrook Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment fund created by and for the people of Cavan Monaghan Township to support local causes and initiatives.

The fund is dedicated to building a strong, vital and vibrant community. Residents and those who share a love of our Township are able to support the Cavan Monaghan and Millbrook Legacy Fund as a means of creating a lasting legacy – contributing to the quality of life shared by all, forever.

The fund also brings people together from all parts of our community to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen giving.

The fund ensures our dollars stay within the community to build a solid foundation for the next generation. The Legacy Fund supports the causes that make Cavan Monaghan Township a great place to live, work and play.