ComPassion Project

Created by Wild Rock Outfitters co-founder, Kieran Andrews, The ComPassion Project aims to support local organizations working on the front lines of environmental stewardship and social change. From Kieran: “The ComPassion Project, is a response to the knowledge that both our business and so many of our customers care really deeply about our community. We’re facing significant challenges socially and environmentally, and I think many people want to do more but it’s daunting; there’s just so much need that it’s very difficult to figure out what to do. I want to use Wild Rock’s platform to engage our customers and let them know about the great work that’s being done by our partner organizations. I hope this will encourage them to get involved, to give back, and contribute to creating the welcoming, inclusive community we all want to live in.”


  • Supporting organizations who are fighting for social justice and equity within the City of Peterborough.
  • Focus on housing, addiction and food security..


  • Supporting organizations who are stewards of our wild places and/or developing opportunities for self-powered recreation within the County of Peterborough.
  • Focus on land preservation, trail building, access and alternative urban transportation.

The selection of the ComPassion Project’s partner organizations was no small feat. Peterborough boasts a wealth of passionate individuals and organizations striving to make a positive impact. After careful consideration, One City Peterborough, YES Shelter for Youth & Families, Fourcast Addiction Services, Kawartha Land Trust, Peterborough Trailbuilders Association, and the Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee were all chosen based on their proven track records of success and their ability to effect meaningful change for the people they serve. In each case, Wild Rock Outfitters and the Community Foundation has a history of collaboration and support for these organizations.