Consumption and Treatment Services Site (CTS) Fund

Consumption and Treatment Services Site (CTS) Fund

This community came together in a big way with The Light The Way to $160K campaign last year. Together, we reached our target within two and a half months of the campaign’s launch!

The funds raised helped to renovate the Opioid Response Hub at 220 Simcoe Street (the former Greyhound station) in downtown Peterborough. Over a hundred donations from individuals, local businesses, professional associations, churches, a number of endowed funds held at the Community Foundation, and a grant from the City of Peterborough, all combined to achieve the campaign’s goal.

Now, that the Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) site is up and running, it’s on-going operational needs have come into clearer focus. Fourcast now needs to purchase a vein finder ($1000) to effectively do their work. They also require ordinary consumables like coffee, tea, freezies, water and snacks to help make their clients comfortable. Now that winter is fast approaching, hand-warmers, lighters and wound care kits are also necessary.

In the face of a growing opioid crisis that is affecting communities across the country, our community needs to keep this response hub operational for as long as it is necessary.

Please consider donating now using the form below. If you would prefer to donate a cheque by mail or direct drop-off, check the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough’s CONTACT page for all the information you need to do so.

To read more about the Light The Way to $160K campaign, visit: www.cfgp.ca/LightTheWay or view a primer HERE.