Gender Equality Movement Fund (GEM)

Gender Equality Movement Fund (GEM)

The Gender Equality Movement Fund (GEM) is an endowment created by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough dedicated to supporting women and gender diverse people in our community. It was created because:

  • We know women and girls are disadvantaged in almost every aspect of our society.
  • We know women’s roles, women’s organizations, and women’s work is undervalued and underfunded.
  • We know advancing gender equality must take an intersectional approach.
  • We know feminist philanthropy has to come at problem solving differently.

The GEM Fund hopes to empower women, provide opportunities to learn skills and enhance understanding, build confidence, create networks of mutual support, make space for respectful conversations, and foster connections to nature.
The Fund will focus on work that is led by and serves women, girls, and gender diverse people with a particular focus on Indigenous people, racialized people, those with disabilities, and those from 2SLGBTQ+ communities.