Gender Equality Movement Fund

Gender Equality Movement Fund


What is the Gender Equality Movement Fund?

The Gender Equality Movement Fund (GEM) is an endowment created by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough dedicated to supporting women and gender diverse people in our community. It was created because:

  1. We know women and girls are disadvantaged in almost every aspect of our society.
  2. We know women’s roles, women’s organizations, and women’s work is undervalued and underfunded.
  3. We know advancing gender equality must take an intersectional approach.
  4. We know feminist philanthropy has to come at problem solving differently.

Last spring, we announced that we had a lead donation on a new fund dedicated to supporting women and girls in Peterborough.  We engaged with over 30 people in an energy filled workshop and heard lots of wonderful ideas, strong opinions, and hopeful dreams.  We launched a survey and got even more feedback around the idea of a fund with a gender equity focus.

We asked for name suggestions for this fund and several people suggested: the Gender Equality Movement Fund, or GEM Fund for short. We like its sparkle and shine.

The GEM Fund will support initiatives of local organizations that focus on the economic security and leadership potential of women, girls and gender diverse people.

What outcomes does the GEM Fund hope to support?

The GEM Fund hopes to empower women, provide opportunities to learn skills and enhance understanding, build confidence, create networks of mutual support, make space for respectful conversations, and foster connections to nature.

Who will the GEM Fund benefit?

The Fund will focus on work that is led by and serves women, girls, and gender diverse people with a particular focus on Indigenous people, racialized people, those with disabilities, and those from 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

 How much money is available?

In 2023, there will only be about $2,000 available to grant. Future grants will depend on contributions from donors.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Participatory granting circle including donors/potential donors

How will funding decisions be made?

Participatory granting circle including donors/potential donors

Examples of work that might be funded (as suggested by workshop & survey participants – but don’t want to get too specific yet)

  • Hands-on workshops on different skills like gardening, outdoors(wo)manship, bike riding or repair, tool use, public speaking
  • Peer-led support program
  • Cultural, land-based programs for Indigenous girls and/or two-spirit youth to foster community, connection and resilience
  • Opportunities for young women to practice leadership, to dream together, to learn from older women, to enjoy being a girl.
  • Period poverty awareness program – with regular engaging & awareness building activities
  • Inclusive drop-in space for women downtown for people to access resources, referrals, and safe meeting spaces
  • A program for women and girls that delivers on a project that delivers experience and skills and has the chance to gain publicity for those involved

The Foundation believes that if we work together, we will come up with the means and messages to inspire and support women and girls in the City and County of Peterborough, Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations.

Please donate now to make our collective vision(s) reality.