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From the Peterborough Public Library’s website:
Grant Connect Community Edition is a fundraising platform that connects charities with funders who share their cause. Includes 11,000 Canadian foundations, 560 corporate giving programs, 370 government grant programs, 120 American foundations, and 200 other kinds of grant opportunities that support Canadian nonprofits.

On site access available only on a Library computer or your own device at the Library.


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From the Ontario Living Wage Network’s website:

We’re championing and showcasing the growing wave of living wage initiatives in Ontario. We are a network of employers, employees, non-profits, researchers, and proponents of decent work standards for all Ontario workers.

Together, we’re changing the conversation about what the minimum standard of pay for low-wage workers should be in the province.

Note: the Community Foundation is an Ontario Living Wage Network certified workplace.



From PAFN’s website:

[Created in 1997], Peterborough Area Fundraisers’ Network (PAFN) exists to strengthen professionalism within our local charitable sector including our members, interested individuals and organizations.

PAFN is a member driven organization that elects an Executive each year at a September Annual General Meeting. Members pay a nominal yearly fee to belong to the organization. Professional development is the focus of our monthly membership meetings. Networking is a key benefit to membership and occurs prior to and following our monthly meetings.

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From Volunteer Peterborough’s website: 

We are a network of volunteers and nonprofits working together to solve urgent problems and lift up the Peterborough community.

Jennifer DeBues |

Executive Director

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