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What is a Fund?

Funds aren’t the easiest thing to explain but they’re core to how the Foundation works.

You know how once upon a time, and still today in some parts of the world, villages used to have community wells where people would come to draw the water that is essential for their daily lives? 

Picture the Community Foundation as a well that has resources to sustain all of us.  Now picture the walls of that well being constructed with different size bricks, or Lego blocks if that’s easier to visualize. 

Each brick represents a different fund that we hold and take care of, or invest, on behalf of all the users of the well.  The pay off is a well-constructed resource that benefits the entire community, not just those who built it.

Investment earnings on the funds go to charities in the form of  grants used to support their needs. As an added benefit, each fund has helped build the Foundation’s reputation as a trusted community partner, which allows us to help even more people throughout Greater Peterborough.  The well belongs to all of us, and it always will, because we’re here for good.

Photo of a traditional water well.

Types of Funds

The Foundation has a variety of fund structures to offer you the levels of support, involvement and recognition you desire. With a variety of ways to give, you can establish a fund today, plan to give in the future, or contribute to an existing fund. You can choose to support your favourite charities, specific areas of interest, or create unique opportunities for community investment.

Donor Advised Funds provide donors with a hands-on approach to giving. You have the flexibility to recommend grants to the charitable projects or organizations you want to support. Successors can also be named to the fund, so this is an ideal way to involve your family and encourage a new generation of philanthropists. Click HERE to view a two-page fact sheet.

Community Funds harness the generosity of many donors to collectively support emerging needs and innovation in the community. The impact of your gift, no matter the size, is amplified by this pooled approached. Community Funds are designed to address a broad range of urgent and emerging needs and opportunities in our communities.

Agency Endowment Funds provide a sustainable source of revenue to charities by building up resources that can be granted to the organization every year. Click HERE to view a two-page fact sheet.

Scholarship Funds are set up to enable the making of student awards, such as scholarships and bursaries, these funds enable donors to specify the criteria, education institution and/or a particular course of study of the recipient. Grants are directed to, and administered by a qualified donee, typically the education institution.

Field of Interest Funds enable you to join others in supporting charitable priorities with a specific focus. You dedicate your funds to a general area (like Arts & Culture, or the Environment) and the Foundation directs grants to specific charities or projects best positioned to meet current and changing needs in your chosen field.

Donor Designated Funds offer donors the opportunity to focus their giving on the causes or charities that matter the most. You choose a charity or cause that is close to your heart, and the Foundation will direct grants to the organization or cause you’ve chosen.

The Community Foundation Fund supports the activities of the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough.

The Social Finance Fund enables the Foundation to make loans to projects that support community vitality while offering a social and financial return.

Gift Planning Tools

You can depend on the professionalism and expertise of the Community Foundation to provide sound financial and administrative planning and management of your gift. We will work with you and your professional advisors to make your unique giving experience simple and straightforward.

Ways to Give

When you’ve made the decision to develop a fund, you’ll want to consider the options that work best for you and your situation. We have several donation options available, including:

  • Real estate/art
  • Gifts from US donors
  • Invested flow-through gifts
  • Memorial funds
Photo of a paper that reads "estate planning" with a pen and glasses nearby.

Jennifer DeBues |

Executive Director

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