Friday November 6, 2020

For Carol and Ralph Ingleton, it’s time to give to the next generation. This was their thinking in establishing the Camp Kawartha Kids Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation.

“Camp Kawartha has strong values that support young people from a wide variety of backgrounds to be kind to the environment, each other and themselves,” says Carol. “Camp levels the playing field and gives kids a chance to discover who they are – with nature, freedom and kindness as teachers.”

Focused on knowing the difference between personal needs and wants, Carol and Ralph give because it feels good. According to Carol, “it’s where happiness comes from.” Sustainable living is also a priority for Carol and Ralph, knowing that stewarding community and the environment is critical for future generations. This is philanthropy in action – a generosity of spirit, a desire to help, and a firm belief that anyone can make a difference.

“When it comes to Camp Kawartha and kids, camp allows for direct learning in nature that engages kids with their peers.

“It’s learning through direct experience that fosters caring about our natural world and leads to activities that demonstrate this value. Recent youth action on climate change is a good example of this.”

Ralph Ingleton

By establishing a fund with the Community Foundation, you will have the flexibility to shape your own charitable giving to reflect your values and interests. Professional management by the Community Foundation ensures that the process is simple and straightforward. Donating securities, life insurance policies, or RRIF/RRSP proceeds while living or through your will can provide significant tax advantages.

While there are many reasons people choose the Community Foundation to support their philanthropy, they all want to make our community the best it can be, now and for years to come.

You care about your community.

Join with others who share your commitment.