Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough celebrates its Agency Fundholders at first in-person reception in nearly four years

The Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough welcomed several local charities to the Trinity Centre yesterday afternoon to celebrate their many accomplishments during a time when all charities have seen client needs increase and donations decrease.

“One of the unique features of the Community Foundation,” says Jennifer DeBues, Executive Director of the Foundation, “is that we offer charities a way to establish agency funds with the Foundation that provide a long-term source of revenue and a home for bequests and other donations from supporters. This is especially helpful to a sector where every extra dollar counts.”

All the organizations that received grants have funds at the Community Foundation as part of their long-term sustainability planning. Several hold what are called Agency Funds. They trust the Community Foundation to invest and steward these funds to benefit their organization over the long-term. Others are the beneficiaries of what are called Agency Designated Funds, which are created by donors who believe strongly in the mission and vision of the particular charity they wish to support.

Fund holders were asked to share what they are doing to engage with clients, donors, and supporters in new ways. Andy Cragg, Executive Director of the New Canadians Centre said, “We benefit from volunteers; we have more than 250 who are amazing and make a huge impact but the other side of that is we now help our clients take on volunteer roles in the community. It’s one of the best ways to help them integrate into the community and live the values of the New Canadians Centre, which is a vibrant and inclusive community where people who are new to Canada thrive and are valued.”

Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director of Camp Kawartha said his organization works to instill hope in young campers by helping them to “bear witness to sustainability in action.” He also asked, “How can we bring nature back to our built spaces? How can we empower and activate kids to do something good for the environment instead of just reducing their harm? It’s a message we need to shout a little more loudly and have places that demonstrate good in action.”

At the conclusion of the Community Celebration, the Foundation convened it’s annual general meeting where it welcomed four new board members: Rachel DeGreef, Suzanne Galloway, Cody McMahon, and Thomas Street. They also celebrated Jennifer DeBues’ tenth anniversary at the Foundation.

(Photo by Wayne Eardley)