MEDIA RELEASE October 26, 2021

We are pleased to announce a $25,000 contribution to the Light The Way to $160K campaign from the Brian and Lynne Kelly Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough. This generous donation is directed towards the renovation of the Opioid Response Hub at 220 Simcoe Street in downtown Peterborough.

“We hope this donation encourages others to learn about the opioid crisis and make their own contributions to the Light the Way Campaign,” says Brian Kelly.

“Brian and Lynne recognize that the opioid issue is destroying lives, shattering families, and taking its toll on the entire community,” says Co-Executive Director of the Community Foundation, Jennifer DeBues. “Supporting the Opioid Response Hub is an active step towards creating solutions to the opioid crisis in Peterborough.

“On behalf of Fourcast and all the partners involved at the Opioid Response Hub, I’d like to thank Brian and Lynne Kelly for showing such generosity and compassion with this donation,” comments Fourcast Executive Director, Donna Rogers. “Along with all others who have donated to our Light The Way campaign, it’s clear that many people support our vision to transform 220 Simcoe St. into a place that serves those in our community who are most in need.”

Currently, 220 Simcoe Street is undergoing significant renovations that will provide members of organizations such as Fourcast, PARN, the 360 Degree Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (NPLC), Peterborough County Paramedics, and the Mobile Support Overdose Resource Team (MSORT) a place to provide wraparound services and supports. These services are vital not only to combat the devastating effects of the opioid crisis but also to provide access to the counselling, programming, housing, and income supports that provide a path forward for clients.

Rogers adds, “Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear about funding for the Consumption and Treatment Site (CTS) and do not have a timeline on that decision. While re-opening the site with CTS funding approval would be best, we remain committed to using this perfect location to improve the level of access and response to those who rely on our community partners for support.”

With this donation, the Light The Way to $160K campaign has reached over $70,000. The campaign runs until November 30th. To contribute to the Light The Way to $160K campaign, donations can be made at the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough website at www.cfgp.ca/LightTheWay. For those who prefer to mail or drop off cheques, please make the cheques out to ‘Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough’ and include ‘CTS Fund’ in the memo. They can be addressed to the organization at 261 George St N Suite 202, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G9.