Tuesday June 9, 2020

For Betty and Bill Morris, their charitable giving offers a double happiness.

“We get the enjoyment of seeing how the money can make a difference today but also over the long term,” says Bill.

The Morris’ have lived in the Peterborough area since 1998 and quickly started volunteering in their new community. The couple established the Betty and Bill Morris Fund in 2016. Betty has served on the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough’s board of directors for several years and during that time, learned first-hand about the benefits of giving to a community foundation. The Foundation links people with a philanthropic nature with the priority needs of the charitable sector in the community – a win-win for all.

They chose to set up their own Fund for several reasons:

  • Fund agreements are tailored to each donor and individuals can choose areas of interest or specific charities to direct their donations;
  • Donations are ‘pooled’ with others which are professionally invested and managed;
  • Donors receive a report each year about their Fund and regular communication from the Community Foundation;
  • Donors can easily monitor and add to their Fund.

Another benefit, says Bill means “having our Fund is an opportunity to let our kids know what we’re doing and to get them involved if they want to know more. It’s like a family project.”

Most recently, the Community Foundation has been able to respond to more immediate community needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Community Foundation created a special Fund (in collaboration with United Way Peterborough & District) to provide financing for local charities on the front lines of the pandemic in housing, food insecurity and mental health.

It’s this kind of flexibility, says Bill, that makes the Community Foundation attractive to he and Betty, and distinct from other types of charitable giving.

However, there are other ways to contribute to the Community Foundation. The Morris’ encourage anyone wanting to know more to contact the Community Foundation.

“It’s a conversation and you don’t have to commit to anything,” says Betty. “We’re a small, people-friendly Foundation.”